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Practice Areas

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Gambling Law

We advise you in all areas of gambling law

  • Advising gambling operators according to the gambling law

  • Defence against player refund claims


We advise game developers, event organizers, clans and eSports players

  • Advising game developers and organizers on the organization of eSports events

  • Advising game developers on negotiations and drafting contracts with event organizers

  • Advising clans on negotiations and drafting contracts with eSports players

  • Advice in connection with marketing (license law, media law, advertising law, sponsorship law, competition law)

  • Advice in the areas of youth protection, contract, copyright, data protection and criminal law

  • Legal advice on establishing and managing clans

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White Collar Crime

We support both suspects in criminal proceedings in their defense and victims of crime in enforcing their claims against the perpetrator

  • Accompanying and coordinating large-scale proceedings

  • International and European criminal law and legal assistance law

  • Extradition law

  • Special areas of criminal law (competition criminal law, IT criminal law, fiscal criminal law, etc.)

  • Representing victims in criminal proceedings and enforcing claims for damages against perpetrators


Whistleblower Systems

We support you in implementing the whistleblower regulations and can also operate a full-service whistleblower system for you - you don't have to worry about anything and can concentrate on the actual business!

  • Internal implementation of the Whistleblower Policy and the Whistleblower Act

  • Creation of whistleblower concepts

  • Creation of information documents (guidelines) for employees and external whistleblowers

  • External whistleblower system, including communication with the whistleblower - you don't have to worry about a thing!

  • Investigation of received reports (details also under internal investigations)

  • Preparation of an investigation report as a basis for decision-making for the management

  • Recommend and take legal action in response to a rule violation

  • Recommend and implement follow-up actions to prevent future rule violations



We support you in preventing violations of rules in the company and take over the processing of indications of violations of rules for you

  • Conception of comprehensive company-specific compliance management systems (CMS)

  • Creation of company-specific compliance guidelines

  • Review and refinement of existing guidelines

  • Compliance risk assessments and workshops

  • Creation and implementation of company-specific compliance training (presence and online training)

  • Creation of company-specific compliance e-learning modules

  • Creation of behavioral instructions for house searches

  • Legal representation and support during house searches

  • Internal processing of rule violations in the company

  • Legal prosecution of rule violations

  • Drafting of compliance reports and follow-up recommendations


Internal Investigations

If necessary, we carry out internal investigations for you and support you in reacting to rule violations

  • Carrying out internal investigations when there are indications of rule violations in the company

  • Appropriate preparations for internal investigations (e.g. information on those affected)

  • Conducting e-searches (together with competent IT partners)

  • Structured processing and presentation of the ascertained facts and the suspicions as a basis for decision-making for the management

  • Management briefing

  • Recommendation, assessment of success and implementation of legal steps (e.g. criminal charges or civil enforcement of claims for damages)

  • Recommend and implement follow-up actions to prevent future rule violations

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